Static Detection of Vulnerabilities in Modern PHP Applications
26.11.2014, Bochum, Germany, Hackerpraktikum (video, slides)

Code Reuse At­tacks in PHP: Au­to­ma­ted POP Chain Ge­ne­ra­ti­on
04.11.2014, Scotts­da­le (AZ), USA, CCS (slides)

Sta­tic De­tec­tion of Se­cond-Or­der Vul­nerabi­li­ties in Web Ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons
21.08.2014, San Diego (CA), USA, Usenix Security (slides)

Si­mu­la­ti­on of Built-in PHP fea­tures for Pre­cise Sta­tic Code Ana­ly­sis
22.02.2014, San Diego (CA), USA, NDSS (slides)

Logical Flaws in a PHP banking application
08.07.2012, Bochum, Germany, GData Academy (slides)

RIPS – Automatisierte Schwachstellenerkennung in PHP-Software mittels statischer Quellcode-Analyse
11.05.2011, Bonn, Germany, 12. Deutscher IT-Sicherheitskongress (slides)

SQLi filter evasion and obfuscation
29.11.2010, Prague, Czech Republic, CONFidence 2.0 (slides)

Social Network Attacks
20.07.2010, Bochum, Germany, Ruhr-University Bochum (slides)

RIPS – A static source code analyser for vulnerabilities in PHP scripts
05.07.2010, Bochum, Germany, Ruhr-University Bochum (slides)

Web Security course “Hackerpraktikum”
2009-2011, Bochum, Germany, Ruhr-University Bochum

Basics of Web Security
29.05.2008, Bochum, Germany, Das Labor


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